The Dragon Tree is not a native plant to Australia, coming from the Canary Islands (which holds the largest Dragon Tree in the world), as well as Morocco, Madeira and Cape Verde. Though, all across Europe you will see significantly more mature Dragon Trees than Australia. Our Dragon Trees held at our farm are very tolerable to extreme temperatures including frost and full sun. These trees are also very drought tolerant and require little to no water to ensure survival rate. 


Dragon Tree’s do not shed their leaves, making them a very low maintenance tree, requiring trimming one or twice a year and minimal water. These plants are ideal for any gardens, whether it be around the pool to provide some shade, or as a standalone feature tree in front of a house. If you couldn’t tell from our business name, Draco Concepts, the Dragon Tree is easily our most favourite tree to incorporate in our landscape designs.

Our Stock

We have hundreds of Dragon Tree’s available, ranging from single heads to multi crown trees. We have a tree to suit every budget and space. Our Dragon Tree stock is constantly turning over – Our gallery of photos is only to demonstrate our wide range of variety we have and is not our most current stock.  To see our available stock at the moment and to find a tree that’s right for you, please send through an enquiry.

Puchase Policy

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all our Dragon Trees, granted all prep work and after care we provide to ensure it’s survival is instilled by the owner. 

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