The Beaked Yucca is the only species of Yuccas that we grow. It is our favourite Yucca, and the most beautiful. It is appreciated in the Architectural side of plants and holds a sense of rarity in its more mature forms. It’s aqua blue, almost silver leaves that falls in a perfect egg shape. 


Requiring very little maintenance, the Yucca Rostrata is evergreen and will be a standout tree all year round. Once the tree continues to grow its leaves, the dead leaves will fall against the trunk and hang to form a ‘skirt’. This is the signature look of the tree, but there are other options of trimming the skirt to expose the trunk.


Yucca Rostrata are drought tolerant and love the sun. You can grow them in full sun or light shade. They provide movement of leaves, bringing a tropical feel, whilst holding architectural value. They love consistent water to uphold the icy blue leaves. We grow our yucca from seed at our farms and can guarantee survival through all climates. We have multiple sizes available, please see our available stock.


Puchase Policy

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all our Yucca Rostratas, granted all prep work and after care we provide is instilled by the owner.

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