Olive Tree

SCIENTIFIC NAME | Olea Europaea Manzanillo

The Olive tree is a well known, beautiful and architectural tree used often by landscapers. The Mediterranean elements of this iconic plant makes them a perfect addition to those seeking the European resort feels in their garden. It is one of our favourite plants to add greenery and lushness to the garden.

Native to the Mediterranean, particularly in Greece – where it is most popular, the Olive Tree’s distinct twisted, architectural trunks and silver-green foliage make for the perfect feature tree. We have the option of the fruiting Olive or the non-fruiting Olive. Our trees are mature, ages starting at upwards of 20 years old, with the price varying on the thickness of the trunk and maturity.


The Olive Tree is tolerant to drought and frost, needing minimal attention. Olive Trees require regular watering or irrigation to maintain a full and luscious flush. They can be placed in the ground with well-drained soil, or in a pot with full sun or light shade. Olive Trees also benefit from light fertilisation. As the foliage flushes, you are able to prune it to your liking. We normally opt for a round egg-shaped canopy or tabletop canopies. 

Our Stock

We have hundreds of Olive Trees available to suit any budget and any size needs. Due to our stock constantly changing, the photos attached in our gallery are to show our variety and are not available. If you are interested in seeing our available Olive Trees, please send us an enquiry here.

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